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 My services truly are FREE to you! From quotes, customized trip itineraries, the booking of any reservation (from Fast Passes to Dining) there are NO hidden costs.

My prices are exactly the same as you will find on the Disney website! By booking through me, you pay the exact same amount, BUT...I take care of all of your dining reservations, fast passes, and additional plans (so no early wake ups for you!)

When you book a Disney vacation package, your rate is not set in stone. I keep an eye on all Disney promotions, and if one is released that applies to your trip, I will work to adjust your package price so that you get the best possible deal.

You can be involved as much as you’d like in the planning process. Most clients give me their input and ideas, but I take care of the many details. On the flip side, there are many clients who like to use my services for the booking process but opt to take the reigns from there. Whether you want a say in everything - or not much at all - we will work together so that you have the BEST trip-planning process...and the most magical vacation!

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